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Susan Bookbinder

“I first met Michael when he asked me kindly to do the voice over on his now famous relaxation tapes. I was a reporter at Radio City in Liverpool at the time -a long time later we have reconnected on here and Michael has a proven track record not only in helping others deal with serious head issues but also -and having fought and defeated serious heart disease, helping himself … Read More Susan Bookbinder

Joanne Weiland

I believe in what you call mystery feminine power. You are in the right place at the right time. So many things are happening now that are ushering in the feminine energy to create balance and harmony on our planet. One of our members has been working on this mission for over a decade, she  just returned from India and Turkey. If you want … Read More Joanne Weiland

Dr Fred Newton

Dr. F. Newton MRCGP MBChB BSc, Grove Road Surgery, 71 Grove Road, Wirral. CH45 3HF TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNMichael Whitenburgh Michael was admitted to Arrow Park Hospital in August 2009 with severe ventricular impairment; his ejection-fraction (measure of heart performance) was only 30% at the time.  Six months after he and his wife Marianna used their own mind therapy on his heart, the report … Read More Dr Fred Newton

Sylvia Friedman

My short experience getting to know the inspiration of Michael Whitenburg has been elevating. I am a woman who is emotional, but feel safe with my mind and it’s decisions.The mind keeps you strong and the heart keeps you loving. It has been a pleasure to interract with Michael and the Centre of Excellence. The subjects are real and we all need to know … Read More Sylvia Friedman