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Truth About Three Keys To Happiness, That Don’t Work?

As promised a few blogs back, here is the truth about happiness, which will, not only surprise you but it will also bring a smile to your face, and proving that your wake-up can make an impact upon the lives of others. It will also solve your particular problem, challenge or goal of happiness, so you can instantly incorporate what you read here, into your life?  First … Read More Truth About Three Keys To Happiness, That Don’t Work?

Your Purpose – Accept Your Original Power

Your Purpose – Accept Your Original Power Heal the Child Within New Mind Woman look at me, I am who you think I am. I am you. Look so deeply into my eye and you’ll see a reflection of a little girl she’s about 8 years old…. Can you see her? Can even feel her crying out to be held and loved? Is she … Read More Your Purpose – Accept Your Original Power

Look Whose Excited

The Revolution has started were Women’s Power is restored through the 60,000 Original Spirituality which is updated and called Mind Empowerment – New Mind Women – New World Within. Can all these beautiful people be wrong? Yes just one day on one topic. Join us and see for yourself. https://centofexcellence.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/heart-of-your-world/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true/#comment-736 Carmen says: April 16, 2017 at 12:10 pm When visiting blogs, i usually discover an … Read More Look Whose Excited

I Can ‘Be Me’

You have four realities inside you. Each one is radiant in its own right. One exciting, one out of this world, one breath–taking and One dazzling, remarkable, amazing and matchless.

Which one do you radiate? and Which one do you attract?

Second Chance – For Passion and Purpose

Experiences℠ – Have a second bite of the cherry, a second chance to fulfil your passion and purpose but this time on your own terms. © Michael Whitenburgh Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment pic.twitter.com/ybJtE7ld2f