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Secrets of a New Mind Woman

The secrets of a New Mind Woman is:- ‘Connecting your hearts abundance: Realising without doubt you are an exquisite and magnificent:  Understanding your wisdom is beyond belief’. It takes two though and if you need to trust another ensure they have used their own mind upon themselves and have independent testimonials of proof. http://www.CentreOfExcellenceForMindEmpowerment.com will be up and offering 64 benefits through 16 experiences on 15th … Read More Secrets of a New Mind Woman


Find Your Worthiness Now

Don’t you just get fed up allowing beliefs to tell you your contribution is insignificant? Did you know you made the mind that’s doing this to you… it’s called ego. Now stop the chatter inside your head and start looking for reasons to empower your Worthiness. How? Start feeling how much you appeal to you. Do you find yourself attractive because that’s your worth? … Read More Find Your Worthiness Now


You Live Life in a Mould

You live your life and have made it fit a mould. You could say a cocoon. When did you last change your mind, attuned to whom you yearn to be and shatter your mould? Crack the cocoon and fly free, like the beautiful butterfly. Try accepting you’ve never had original sin at birth. That was a ploy to suppress and keep you part of … Read More You Live Life in a Mould


How to Heal Others

You must see within yourself, create the emotion and open your ancient and sacred heart so you can see feel and radiate the healing you want to see in others. When was the last time you did that? ©Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment.  Michael Whitenburgh pic.twitter.com/Be8uaVXASk

Wake-Up From Sleep

Awaken from your sleep and allow your hearts dormant power to wake-up, Oh New Mind Woman. The unsustainable world of the past struggles fades as your new mind emerges before your eyes. The old one will exist for a short time until you cast away its limits by opening your ancient and sacred heart. Experiences are now book theory or some philosophy; it’s doing … Read More Wake-Up From Sleep


Don’t Meet Yourself Halfway

Don’t make excuses and don’t meet yourself halfway… Radiate through your ancient and sacred heart how flawless, perfect and faultless you are, being a New Mind Woman. That’s how we see you. ©Michael Whitenburgh. Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment pic.twitter.com/Tj70ag2tBN

Give Up Your Chatterbox Mind

Open your ancient and sacred Heart… It’s right there in the centre of your chest. Opening and ‘Being a Heart’ is another way of saying you gave up your chatterbox mind and found ‘your power’. Well done … Go now and manifest the new beliefs in your ancient and sacred heart…!!! Michael Whitenburgh twitter.com/GrJ3zCrwuy


Dive Into Your Mysteries

Dive deeply into unchartered mysteries of your being and flood the dark recesses with love and light. You can only do this from inside your ancient and sacred heart because that’s where the door is. WoW it feels so good? © Michael Whitenburgh pic.twitter.com/puBcEpgDDf


Retune Don’t Replace

A musical instrument out of tune is not broken. Why have you sought more education, professional certification and accreditation when all you needed was your heart tuning! ©Michael Whitenburgh pic.twitter.com/puBcEpgDDf


Glass Slipper Fits

Cinderella without a fairy godmother! The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment will give you a glass slipper that fits. ©Michael Whitenburgh twitter.com/n6kPjzPmlc

Stop Analysing Uncertainty

Stop analysing uncertainty it’s the most difficult thing to put into action. Open your ancient and sacred heart and be certain. New Mind Women do…. Do You? ©Michael Whitenburgh twitter.com/X5nk9WHy14

A Miracle – Want One?

You ask about one miracle at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment?  We made ‘Impossible’ into ‘I’m Possible’ with our ancient and sacred hearts and healed a heart. ©Michael Whitenburgh twitter.com/X5nk9WHy14