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Don’t Walk Away From People Who Put You Down?

A put down or a kiss-off is to bad-mouth or belittle another person. Have you ever experienced such a thing? No, think again because people often describe it as belittling. If you have never had anyone try to write you off, run you down or even trash you then you are seriously one in a million. To belittle means to put down, or to make another person … Read More Don’t Walk Away From People Who Put You Down?

Outrageous Beliefs About….. Being Worn-Out.

So you feel like you are crumbling into bits, falling apart and in despair. Suppose that’s one way to describe what you may call being worn-out. You may be at the age of 45 plus where you feel dilapidated and run-down for no apparent reason. Think about this for a moment, 1) crumbling, 2) falling apart, 3) in-despair, 4) dilapidated and 5) run-down.  These were … Read More Outrageous Beliefs About….. Being Worn-Out.