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What Is The Truth About Failure?

If you have better beliefs instead of disbeliefs you will never fail. The only way to truly fail is to believe you can.  When someone is considered a failure it means they gave up on a thing, which led to them giving up on another and another.  Get this idea out of your head, it is nonsense and what you are about to find out here … Read More What Is The Truth About Failure?

Inner Resistance Is Your Number One Enemy, To Your Waking-Up.

Why have you become the number one opponent of transforming your world, by believing your present skills and mind-set are all you need? Are you prepared to go through life thinking there is no need for new understanding or updating yourself because as far as you are concerned you now know it all? Do you have an internal conflict that includes a struggle within … Read More Inner Resistance Is Your Number One Enemy, To Your Waking-Up.


Find Your Worthiness Now

Don’t you just get fed up allowing beliefs to tell you your contribution is insignificant? Did you know you made the mind that’s doing this to you… it’s called ego. Now stop the chatter inside your head and start looking for reasons to empower your Worthiness. How? Start feeling how much you appeal to you. Do you find yourself attractive because that’s your worth? … Read More Find Your Worthiness Now


Heal Beliefs

Working from your heart creates a blueprint to give others permission to heal their beliefs. It takes two though – at high speed. ©Michael Whitenburgh pic.twitter.com/iQ7kUlYYcN