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Drench and Fill Us All With Your Love

New Mind Woman, with your New World Within you are the present future. All that you see around you is the past.

Your unique self, centres on the here and now.

Even the near future, full of your ideals, longings and yearnings will produce whatever you ask.

Your Vision Empowerment is Perfect

New Mind Woman you have the gift of vision empowerment which offers us all the insight, foresight and hindsight into your New World Within. It is inspirational and teaches us all how to awaken our hearts. Vision Empowerment unites within, those different voices on the inside, expressing, influencing and inspiring. This uniting is accepting the ‘I Will’ to the New World and the result … Read More Your Vision Empowerment is Perfect

Ruth Story Part 2 of 4

The Brutal Misery That Haunts Sad Ruth This is the story of a young woman tormented by the terrible events of her childhood. She called the Echo Action Line when we launched our campaign against child abuse – Can You Hear Our Children Weeping? It was a desperate plea for help. That help came from Mike Whitenburgh, a psychoanalyst.   Marianna Brand-Whitenburgh and Michael … Read More Ruth Story Part 2 of 4

Charismatic You

New Mind Woman – New World Within you have taken your understanding of your ‘Self’ beyond anything we at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment could imagine. Your ‘experiences’ here in Swakopmund, Namibia have proved to the world just whom you are and what you stand for in your day-today-business of loving. You have the belief in your power. This certainty is beyond words. … Read More Charismatic You

2000 Congratulations

more than 2000+ can’t be wrong about Feminine Power. The cause and none-violent revolution has started.


Want an Ancient Gift?

An ancient gift sleeps within many in this modern world. The new trend is Experience℠ What have you got to give? ©Michael Whitenburgh