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Your Self-Importance Is 12 Years Old. Why Woman, Do You Still Allow It To Rule You.

Self-importance is another word for ego and it stopped experiencing emotional events at the age you became a woman. You will not update ego unless you have a difficult and life threatening childbirth or a near death experience such as a car accident and the like. When did you become a woman – at what age, because that’s the age of the ego and … Read More Your Self-Importance Is 12 Years Old. Why Woman, Do You Still Allow It To Rule You.

Your Vision Empowerment is Perfect

New Mind Woman you have the gift of vision empowerment which offers us all the insight, foresight and hindsight into your New World Within. It is inspirational and teaches us all how to awaken our hearts. Vision Empowerment unites within, those different voices on the inside, expressing, influencing and inspiring. This uniting is accepting the ‘I Will’ to the New World and the result … Read More Your Vision Empowerment is Perfect

Charismatic You

New Mind Woman – New World Within you have taken your understanding of your ‘Self’ beyond anything we at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment could imagine. Your ‘experiences’ here in Swakopmund, Namibia have proved to the world just whom you are and what you stand for in your day-today-business of loving. You have the belief in your power. This certainty is beyond words. … Read More Charismatic You

2000 Congratulations

more than 2000+ can’t be wrong about Feminine Power. The cause and none-violent revolution has started.

Final Curtain Call

New World Within you are here to Change the World.
You don’t need to know ‘how to’ because your inner wisdom is of the Heart, This is ‘How To’. Mind Empowerment.