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Why Criticise Others, When Your Uniqueness Sleeps.

Next time you sit down with friends at a social event, drinks after work or lunch date, remember before deciding who is better or worse than you, to think how fearful or reluctant you are about waking-up a power within yourself.  This sleeping feminine energy and intensity, releases all women of the world from the tyranny of their own weakness, inferiority and surrender.  This … Read More Why Criticise Others, When Your Uniqueness Sleeps.


Unveil Landscapes of Your Desert Inner Wisdom

You already know the greatest beauty, power and inspiration comes from the wild landscapes of your inner wisdom. How do you know?


You Are Certain – Inner Empowerment

New mind Woman – New World Within Wow – your inner empowerment is certainty, fulfilled in yourself those of us who come in contact with you will also feel completed because of your inner certainty. We stand in honour at your unique gifts, your oneness within, a completeness and wholeness that is seen by us all. Unity in the harmony of voices inside your … Read More You Are Certain – Inner Empowerment