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Let Your ‘a gogo’ Flourish

Once you awaken your vital force you then give to get. If you want to increase its power within, you must ‘give it away’ with each and every breath.

Ancient Desert Secrets Breathed Love for Life in Me

Nora lived in Gonubie, a suburb of East London in South Africa. Four months ago she moved into a new apartment. She was retired at the age of fifty from a career as medical scientist and was still finding not getting up early every morning quite unreal. On her way visiting her mother at the old age home, she popped into a coffee shop. … Read More Ancient Desert Secrets Breathed Love for Life in Me

‘Mind’ the Gap

New Mind Woman you are complete, perfect and unity itself. You have an outstanding ability to manifest and you never fail. It is called Feminine Mystery Power and it is compelling and irresistible.

Mother of All Experiences

The !Kung Bushmen Women of the Desert have entrusted us with this ‘oomph’, they call it !Nom. We found this !Nom to be a Feminine Mystery Power that is compelling, passionate and a real eye-opener.

You Never Fail

Does it sound incredible even make believe? Your New Mind Woman journey to understanding yourself shows you how your ‘reality’ is created. You Never Fail.

What Went Right

New Mind Woman you are our influence for the future. Let us remind you of the steps to take to release the best of you and become the best version of yourself.

You are the Light

New Mind Woman when you see yourself in a different light your viewpoint, approach and appearance will transform into an illuminated and knowing you.

I’m Magic

What appears in this reality is in response to the ‘essence’ or the flavour you send out. It is not in words but like magic it is vibrations from your Ancient and Sacred Heart that is located in the centre of your chest and not connected to the human heart, according to the !Kung Bushmen Women of the Kalahari Desert who have been using this magical power of their Hearts for over 60,000 years.

Give Birth – a New Power

This empowered vision is beyond imagination and so significant, amazing and out of this world, it will literally transform your mind, life and world.