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Your Vision Empowerment is Perfect

New Mind Woman you have the gift of vision empowerment which offers us all the insight, foresight and hindsight into your New World Within. It is inspirational and teaches us all how to awaken our hearts. Vision Empowerment unites within, those different voices on the inside, expressing, influencing and inspiring. This uniting is accepting the ‘I Will’ to the New World and the result … Read More Your Vision Empowerment is Perfect


The Flame of Your Single Heart

New Mind Woman – New World Within you have a single-heartedness and Harmony within yourself. This is your perfect Unity and agreement within. You are complete, whole and total. Yes through our ‘Experiences’ here at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment – Two has become one (Unity) and your love is now ‘inside-out’ and a great force, power and creativity. We see this … Read More The Flame of Your Single Heart

Ruth Story Final Part 4 of 4

The Brutal Misery That Haunts Sad Ruth This is the story of a young woman tormented by the terrible events of her childhood. She called the Echo Action Line when we launched our campaign against child abuse – Can You Hear Our Children Weeping? It was a desperate plea for help. That help came from Mike Whitenburgh, a psychoanalyst.   Marianna Brand-Whitenburgh and Michael … Read More Ruth Story Final Part 4 of 4

Final Curtain Call

New World Within you are here to Change the World.
You don’t need to know ‘how to’ because your inner wisdom is of the Heart, This is ‘How To’. Mind Empowerment.

It All Starts With…..

It all starts with N/om – Mind Empowerment waking-up…

Wake-Up From Sleep

Awaken from your sleep and allow your hearts dormant power to wake-up, Oh New Mind Woman. The unsustainable world of the past struggles fades as your new mind emerges before your eyes. The old one will exist for a short time until you cast away its limits by opening your ancient and sacred heart. Experiences are now book theory or some philosophy; it’s doing … Read More Wake-Up From Sleep


Don’t Meet Yourself Halfway

Don’t make excuses and don’t meet yourself halfway… Radiate through your ancient and sacred heart how flawless, perfect and faultless you are, being a New Mind Woman. That’s how we see you. ©Michael Whitenburgh. Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment


Retune Don’t Replace

A musical instrument out of tune is not broken. Why have you sought more education, professional certification and accreditation when all you needed was your heart tuning! ©Michael Whitenburgh


Join the Mind Empowerment Family…. If You Dare

Forty Something – Mind Empowerment wants you to join the family. Then we’ll pamper you. ©Michael Whitenburgh


Your Beauty Is Your Enflamed Heart

The miracle of your beauty is in your enflamed heart. When did you last ‘Walk the Talk’? ©Michael Whitenburgh

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

Go on…. Don’t be afraid to be different. You’ll not be isolated but be the inspiration for others. ©Michael Whitenburgh


Don’t help Others First?

Before helping others focus on the experience presented to you that’s incomparable in your heart. Truthfully – what is it? ©Michael