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Romance Through an Open Heart

Anna was in her late forties. She saw herself as the run of the mill kind of woman. Nothing special. She was a romantic at heart and loved romantic novels, but romance eluded her until she made that big decision. Anna was the owner of a Coffee Shop. She was successful and happy with her business. She made many friends over the years. She … Read More Romance Through an Open Heart


You Are The Doorway to Our Hearts

New Mind Woman – New World Within your completeness and unity means you’ll go beyond, rise above and cut across your own charisma, attraction and magnetism. Why? You are the teacher, the person who has “been there before”. There is no apprenticeship. But your magnetism will attract people to you. You have the presence of a teacher. One who has ‘done it’? This will … Read More You Are The Doorway to Our Hearts


The Flame of Your Single Heart

New Mind Woman – New World Within you have a single-heartedness and Harmony within yourself. This is your perfect Unity and agreement within. You are complete, whole and total. Yes through our ‘Experiences’ here at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment – Two has become one (Unity) and your love is now ‘inside-out’ and a great force, power and creativity. We see this … Read More The Flame of Your Single Heart

Final Curtain Call

New World Within you are here to Change the World.
You don’t need to know ‘how to’ because your inner wisdom is of the Heart, This is ‘How To’. Mind Empowerment.

Your Purpose – Accept Your Original Power

Your Purpose – Accept Your Original Power Heal the Child Within New Mind Woman look at me, I am who you think I am. I am you. Look so deeply into my eye and you’ll see a reflection of a little girl she’s about 8 years old…. Can you see her? Can even feel her crying out to be held and loved? Is she … Read More Your Purpose – Accept Your Original Power

I Can ‘Be Me’

You have four realities inside you. Each one is radiant in its own right. One exciting, one out of this world, one breath–taking and One dazzling, remarkable, amazing and matchless.

Which one do you radiate? and Which one do you attract?

Captivating and Beautiful

Mind Empowerment spontaneously opens your Ancient and Sacred Heart Why? This is where your Feminine Passion and Power is sleeping and you needs to awake it up again. It was there in childhood but you left it behind and it fell asleep.