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Your Jealousy Stems From Inadequacy; But Your Power To Beat Both, Sleeps?

Jealousy is the fear of losing what you have. What you have is a belief in inadequacy or put another way, lack, scarcity, shortage and want. To make your life even worse, marketers fan the flames of your inadequacy so you will buy more to satisfy the lack. Jealousy is better known as the green-eyed monster because it feels like a monster inside that … Read More Your Jealousy Stems From Inadequacy; But Your Power To Beat Both, Sleeps?

You Are Unworthy. It Is the Result Of Trying To Compete With A Male Ego.

If you have never experienced that ‘good for nothing’ type of feeling why are you attracted and reading this blog? It happens to everybody so please keep reading. Your undeserving, lacking in excellence and value, is another way of saying you have feelings of not being good enough, and they are false images of perfection in your mind. These false images are hidden beliefs … Read More You Are Unworthy. It Is the Result Of Trying To Compete With A Male Ego.

Let Your ‘a gogo’ Flourish

Once you awaken your vital force you then give to get. If you want to increase its power within, you must ‘give it away’ with each and every breath.

Align and Shine – Your Love and Laughter is Appealing and Magic

Align and Shine – Your Love And Laughter Is Appealing And Magic

What Went Right

New Mind Woman you are our influence for the future. Let us remind you of the steps to take to release the best of you and become the best version of yourself.

You are the Light

New Mind Woman when you see yourself in a different light your viewpoint, approach and appearance will transform into an illuminated and knowing you.

I’m Magic

What appears in this reality is in response to the ‘essence’ or the flavour you send out. It is not in words but like magic it is vibrations from your Ancient and Sacred Heart that is located in the centre of your chest and not connected to the human heart, according to the !Kung Bushmen Women of the Kalahari Desert who have been using this magical power of their Hearts for over 60,000 years.

You’re a Pioneer

You become a pioneer because you believe before you see right now. That’s the quality of pioneers; they give expression to realities that others believed where impossible and they don’t wait they do it today.

Give Birth – a New Power

This empowered vision is beyond imagination and so significant, amazing and out of this world, it will literally transform your mind, life and world.

Mind Empowerment Is…

Marianna & Michael have been entrusted with these desert secrets and wisdom experiences


Your Perfect Wave

How easy was that? How simple was it to start the recognition of the beauty of a New World Within? Your completion has started, your magnificence begun. Your splendour, attractiveness and exquisiteness shines for us all to follow your ‘Perfect Wave’, thank you.


Drench and Fill Us All With Your Love

New Mind Woman, with your New World Within you are the present future. All that you see around you is the past.

Your unique self, centres on the here and now.

Even the near future, full of your ideals, longings and yearnings will produce whatever you ask.