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Let Your ‘a gogo’ Flourish

Once you awaken your vital force you then give to get. If you want to increase its power within, you must ‘give it away’ with each and every breath.

Romance Through an Open Heart

Anna was in her late forties. She saw herself as the run of the mill kind of woman. Nothing special. She was a romantic at heart and loved romantic novels, but romance eluded her until she made that big decision. Anna was the owner of a Coffee Shop. She was successful and happy with her business. She made many friends over the years. She … Read More Romance Through an Open Heart

Your Excitement Makes Free Money

New Mind Woman intensify and amplify your alignment with your inner centre that sends out and receives the vibration of your wants and desires and your excitement will make free money.

Sparkle and Magic is Your Pizzazz

New Mind Woman the news is ‘you cannot fail’. It also tells you that sparkle and magic is your pizzazz, so use it or lose it.

Ancient Desert Secrets Breathed Love for Life in Me

Nora lived in Gonubie, a suburb of East London in South Africa. Four months ago she moved into a new apartment. She was retired at the age of fifty from a career as medical scientist and was still finding not getting up early every morning quite unreal. On her way visiting her mother at the old age home, she popped into a coffee shop. … Read More Ancient Desert Secrets Breathed Love for Life in Me

Mother of All Experiences

The !Kung Bushmen Women of the Desert have entrusted us with this ‘oomph’, they call it !Nom. We found this !Nom to be a Feminine Mystery Power that is compelling, passionate and a real eye-opener.