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Michael and Marianna’s lives transformed dramatically. You too will soon realise how complete, fulfilled and perfect you are. Their past, former and departed sleeping selves, fell-away, melted gave-up and died making way for them to become inspired, excited and awakened. They came to life with a mystery feminine power called !Nom, it’s been a secret for 60,000 years and soon you will ignite us all by sowing your seeds of experience within. It makes you a New Mind Woman with a New World Within who is significant, and out of the ordinary. If you are a man, you need to awaken this power, 49% of your genes are asking. Michael and Marianna have something the whole world today is crying out for. It’s a direct tie-up, connection and link to the unique, creative and imaginative cause and birthplace of a power that has lain asleep in the Western Woman’s psyche. They want to reveal and share it with you so you awaken, radiate and increase this energy within us all. Michael says “Our awakened love, passion and essence are the keys, foundation and formula to finding and opening the spiritual gems everyone today is looking for. !Nom will make you and us experience and live from our hearts rather than fill our minds. We will all be hunter-gatherers of !Nom. The more we reveal and share it in the world the more we receive. !Nom gives us life”. What do people do with !Nom – it varies across the world. Some love it, some overlook it, but they have mastered it. Michael explains “!Nom awakens us and creates a different way for us to be in the world, this unique way we want you to have because you to are outstanding and extraordinary. We want you to share and reintroduce the vibrant passionate and full of life !Nom so the whole world can become awakened. We have found the direction, gifts and how to circulate them. Energy !Nom is our secret to a dazzling life. It nurtures healing, happiness, productivity and inspiration”. This 60,000 year old feminine mystery power is unveiling itself through them. It’s been a secret even before most cultures were born, well a secret until now.

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