There are many females on this earth who are doing fantastic work. Imagine you have a stimulated power within you, a power beyond the male logic or ego; imagine the ground-breaking work you’ll do.

The possession of this inner force will bring into your life strength, a focused mind, and inner peace. It will help you take control of yourself, your life, your circumstances, and your own state of your mind.

Inner power is a state of mind. It is the guiding force that helps you live a healthier, happier, and more successful life. When you align you give yourself permission to dream big. You are so unique and that is your greatest strength.

An awakening is when the confused and frightened self transcends to a higher-level awareness, which is full of love and peace. 

A spiritual awakening should not be confused with enlightenment, becausethat is defined as an intellectual understanding of higher religious principals.

Powerful inner strength gives us self-confidence. It also gives determination, tolerance and enthusiasm and these are all necessary for leading a quality life. People with great inner strength are compassionate and they take pains to purify their existence.

The strength of these gifts is different from individual to individual. 

The bringing together of the feminine power is symbolised as the source of all life, of light and the ultimate wholeness of Humanity. In the symbolic sense this is an implied rebirth of the spirit of our great and heroic ancestor’s.

Once your feminine power is awake you will heal while in an altered state of what is called !Om. 

Once your !Om is awake there is no turning back, it is not either or, but simply your wake-up. This status is accessible to all women who walk this earth.

I bow before you in awe of your power and if you decide to combine it with the male ego and logic the world will alter beyond all recognition and you will be at the forefront of the transformation.

What to do Next

Let me repeat what I keep saying, your feminine power is not a flash in the pan, it is called !Om and found by Marianna and I in the !Kung Bushmen Women of the oldest desert on the planet called the Namib in Namibia where we now live.

The Bushmen Women have given us the Ancient Desert Secrets and shown us how to use them, and yes we are the only people to have been trusted with these secrets and have been asked to ‘Wake-Up Women’ so they realise just how ‘out of this world’, they really are and how ‘beyond compare’, too.

Contact Marianna now, at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment at the web site

‘Wake-Up Woman is another saying for Mind Empowerment. 

Mind Empowerment is about finding and waking up the person you have buried deep inside, yes, beneath other people’s needs.

©Michael Whitenburgh

We wish you luck in all your endeavours.

About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh is known as the ‘bringer of feminine Power’ by the !Kung Bushmen Women who are the oldest race of people on the planet, dating back over 80,000 years.  
He is a volunteer Guide with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment in the ‘tropics’ of Namibia. The web site for the Centre is 

The !Kung Bushmen Women entrusted Michael to be a server, guide and healer of Women under the Laws of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is to freely awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power is called !Om. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that transforms from the old world into a New Mind Woman.  

He aims at Women aged 45 plus who want to reveal their unique upper hand, power, and mastery of themselves and what they manifest. Michael is the only man in the world to be given the Ancient Desert Secrets of the Bushmen Women. 

He loves and adores the meaning of his life’s gift and his purpose of freely giving it away and says “It is far removed from the days in the UK of private practice’s in the prestigious quarters of Liverpool’s Rodney St and London’s Harley St, using psychoanalysis and psychotherapy”.

You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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