Why have you become the number one opponent of transforming your world, by believing your present skills and mind-set are all you need?

Are you prepared to go through life thinking there is no need for new understanding or updating yourself because as far as you are concerned you now know it all?

Do you have an internal conflict that includes a struggle within your mind that must debate on the inside your emotions, beliefs and desires and then come up with an answer that supports your inner resistance to change?

Often people will face a conflict between two goals that are important to them – the first is asking if ‘there is a need to transform/change my own emotions’ and the second is  ‘I must keep up to date’. If this is you, then you must overcome your own emotions and characteristics in order to triumph and maintain self-esteem.

All self-esteem conflicts can be positive or negative and these are the feelings you have about yourself. Self-esteem is determined by achievements and accomplishments together with how you think others will judge you.

Low self-esteem makes you feel unloved, awkward and unimportant these are the effects of the judgements about our worth, our value and ourselves.

You can see self-judgment is how you view yourself in a critical way. The common tendency is to express opinion or draw wrong conclusions about yourself.

This is what happens when you turn-up the pressure on yourself by wanting to stay as you are and not tolerate any ideas of waking up a power that sleeps within you.  

You may be a therapist and resistant to accepting your feminine power that will make you a more fulfilled professional, everybody wants to visit. So why do you battle and fight with yourself in defiance, thinking this power never existed? You may suppress, limit and restrain this feminine power and wonder why you don’t get people referring others to you. Take a step backwards and look at yourself from a different perspective. I’ve already done the burnout thing, many years ago, but can remember what can happen.

‘Wake-Up Woman’ is part of Mind Empowerment to liberate, free, release and unshackle you from you limits by stirring-up your sleeping power.

Don’t think resistance think liberation.

  1. Just take your first step without analysing and contact Marianna about her Wake-Up Woman retreats. Just do something new to start overcoming your resistance.
  2. Turn pressure to stay as you are into excitement for a New Mind Woman. Alter expectation in to positive motivation.
  3. Surround yourself with forward-looking positive people.
  4. Tell yourself to make resistance undesirable and adopt a learning mind.
  5. Celebrate success at all cost.
  6. Get excited about awakening up a New Mind Woman with a New World Within.

Let me just say your feminine power is not a flash in the pan, it is called !Om and found by Marianna and I in the !Kung Bushmen Women of the oldest desert on the planet called the Namib in Namibia where we live.

The Bushmen Women have given us the Ancient Desert Secrets and shown us how to use them, and yes we are the only people to have been trusted with these secrets and have been asked to ‘Wake-Up Women’ so they realise just how ‘out of this world’ they really are and how ‘beyond compare’ they are too.

Marianna can be contacted at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment at the web site www.newmindwoman.com

‘Wake-Up Woman is another saying for Mind Empowerment. 

Mind Empowerment is about finding and waking up the person you have buried deep inside, yes, beneath other people’s needs.

©Michael Whitenburgh


We wish you luck in all your endeavours.

About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh is known as the ‘bringer of feminine Power’ by the !Kung Bushmen Women who are the oldest race of people on the planet, dating back over 80,000 years.  
He is a volunteer Guide with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment in the ‘tropics’ of Namibia. The web site for the Centre is http://www.newmindwoman.com 

The !Kung Bushmen Women entrusted Michael to be a server, guide and healer of Women under the Laws of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is to freely awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power is called !Om. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that transforms from the old world into a New Mind Woman.  

He aims at Women aged 45 plus who want to reveal their unique upper hand, power, and mastery of themselves and what they manifest. Michael is the only man in the world to be given the Ancient Desert Secrets of the Bushmen Women. 

He loves and adores the meaning of his life’s gift and his purpose of freely giving it away and says “It is far removed from the days in the UK of private practice’s in the prestigious quarters of Liverpool’s Rodney St and London’s Harley St, using psychoanalysis and psychotherapy”.  


You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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