If you don’t stop you will become a member of the whispering gallery or the tittle-tattle grapevine telegraph and people will avoid you. 

One reason you do join in the gossip is because you honestly believe it will replace your sleeping power, well you won’t not be surprised to read that it will not.

You have a feminine power that is unequalled inside you but it sleeps. It is truly out of this world and needs to be woken-up.

Today we hear there is a ‘fest’ for just about every cause under the sun so we are joining with you to be at the June “Gossip-fest’. 

If you are in business yourself and allow people to spread rumours, scandal or gossip then you will be out of business very soon. You must get rid of the noisy-Parkers and hearsays because at best they will slow down your business and at worst they will bankrupt you.

The opposite of gossip is Power and it is a feminine thing. While being simple, it is entire and complete. You will never need any other substitute and that makes you beyond compare.

So what is this feminine mystery power and where does it come from?

This power is called !Om but is asleep in the Western Woman’s psyche so it needs to be woken up and the cry for this is ‘Wake-Up Woman’.

This !Om was found by Marianna and I in the !Kung Bushmen Women of the Namib Desert. Both the Desert and the Bushmen Woman are the oldest survivors on the earth. The Bushmen Women have a history dating back over 80,000 years so this power is no flash in the pan.

Once you wake it up you become the faultless, impeccable person who you really are and because of your uniqueness you have no need to gossip or find fault because you will be beyond compare. 

You could also say you will be the missing link in the overall picture of the Universe and by doing so you’ll free every other woman from their chains of meddling in others business.

Marianna of the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment is the only person versed by the Bushmen Women to hold retreats that will wake you up to your true power. The web site is www.newmindwoman.com

In the meantime keep in mind the following steps to free yourself from gossip.

  1. Avoid at all cost people who gossip.
  2. If you are stuck with them change the subject.
  3. Stop rumours and stop those who cultivate them.
  4. Share positive news only.
  5. Be the example.
  6. ‘Wake-Up Woman’.

Remember you are undamaged, beautiful and beyond all expectations because you are flawless so be our leader.

About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh is known as the ‘bringer of feminine Power’ by the !Kung Bushmen Women who are the oldest race of people on the planet, dating back over 80,000 years.  
He is a volunteer Guide with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment in the ‘tropics’ of Namibia. The web site for the Centre is http://www.newmindwoman.com 

The !Kung Bushmen Women entrusted Michael to be a server, guide and healer of Women under the Laws of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is to freely awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power is called !Om. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that transforms from the old world into a New Mind Woman.  

He aims at Women aged 45 plus who want to reveal their unique upper hand, power, and mastery of themselves and what they manifest. Michael is the only man in the world to be given the Ancient Desert Secrets of the Bushmen Women. 

He loves and adores the meaning of his life’s gift and his purpose of freely giving it away and says “It is far removed from the days in the UK of private practice’s in the prestigious quarters of Liverpool’s Rodney St and London’s Harley St, using psychoanalysis and psychotherapy”.  

Email: michael@newmindwoman.com

You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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