Anna was in her late forties. She saw herself as the run of the mill kind of woman. Nothing special. She was a romantic at heart and loved romantic novels, but romance eluded her until she made that big decision.

Anna was the owner of a Coffee Shop. She was successful and happy with her business. She made many friends over the years. She saw people meeting for the first time, became couples and then got married.

Anna always hoped that someday love will come her way. Years went by and she never met somebody who she could share a cup of coffee with.

“Anna, when is it going to be your turn? The Coffee Shop is not everything. You need excitement in your life,” Jenny who helped her said one morning.

“I know, Jenny, but I’m so busy here. The Coffee Shop is my excitement.”

Anna knew it wasn’t true. The excitement of having her own Coffee Shop was long gone. She needed time out to enjoy herself and meet people.

“You need a boyfriend, Anna.”

“I’m past dating, Jenny.” Anna said.

“You’re not. Change, that’s what you need, Anna.”

“What do you mean?”

“Make-up, modern clothes, you know. You have beautiful eyes, Anna. Show them off,” Jenny said.

Anna laughed. “You think all this will help?”

“Sure it will. I’ll help you.”

“Okay.” Anna realised she couldn’t get out of this one. Jenny was determined.

Jenny and Anna went to the shops on a quiet morning leaving Rose at the Coffee Shop. With Jenny’s help Anna selected modern clothes. At a good fashion store Anna was shown how to do her own make-up and then they went of to the hairdressers.

Anna couldn’t believe the picture of herself after the day in town with Jenny.

“Thank you Jenny, I needed this. I must say I really feel good,” Anna said. She still didn’t know if her new look would bring her the love she yearned for.

Anna felt more confident. But after a few weeks she was used to her new look and she felt the same.

One morning Jenny picked up a leaflet from a table and showed it to Anna. She read. Unlock your inner beauty.’ It was from the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. She read about a retreat they were offering.

“Maybe the person will come back for it,” Anna said, “I’ll keep it in the box under the counter.”

Anna couldn’t help looking at the leaflet again. It sounded like just what she needed. She made a note of the website,

She could hardly wait to get home that evening. After reading some of the blogs in the website, she had made up her mind. She booked a retreat for ten days. Jenny and Rose was capable to run the Coffee Shop, she thought.

Anna came back with a sparkle in her eyes. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt different. She was radiant and Jenny an Rose saw it the moment she stepped into the Coffee Shop.

“Anna, you look like a teenager in love. What happened?”

Anna just smiled. “All I can say is that I’ve found myself.”

“Really? When can I take holidays?” asked Jenny excited.

“Not soon,” Anna laughed.

A friend who always asked Anna out came into the Coffee Shop one morning. It was her birthday.

“Happy birthday Sue. The coffee and cake is on me today,” Anna said.

“O Thank you. I have a party, Anna. You can’t not come. I will only be fifty once in my life. No excuses,” Sue said.

Anna smiled. “Yes, I suppose I cannot miss this one,” she said.

At the party Sue introduced Anna to her cousin Larry. He was a jovial man in his early fifties. He made Anna laugh and she loved every moment in his company. After the party he asked Anna if he could see her again.

A few months later Anna and Larry announced their engagement to Jenny and Rose.

Jenny smiled and said, “Anna, I couldn’t find that leaflet in the box under the counter. Do you perhaps know where it is?”

About the Author

Marianna Brandt-Whitenburgh is dedicated to awaken your Mystery Feminine Power. She has been personally entrusted with the Ancient Desert Secrets of the !Kung Bushman Women .living in the oldest desert on the planet, the Namib.
She was captivated by the mystique of the Bushman Women and their inspiration for choosing her personally to wake up the power inside the Western Women’s psyche which has slept for hundreds of years.
Marianna immediately opened the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment and created its supporting website, to share with you the opportunities for realizing your significant and exceptional power that is truly beyond belief. She aims at women aged 48 plus and holds retreats in the tropics of Namibia. Its beauty matches the uniqueness of your power.
Marianna is a successful children’s book author with more than 500 publications to her name and a teen book novelist with her latest offering by way of a trilogy entitled, Emma.

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