Ayanda became younger looking by bucking the trend in journalism. She attended a retreat which opened her up to become a New Mind Woman.

Ayanda lived in Randburg in Johannesburg. She was on her own after her husband of thirty years died suddenly two years ago and her two boys left for greener pastures.

As a journalist for the past three decades, Ayanda’s image of herself was of a strong willed woman, independent and bold in her writings. She was working for a national newspaper but lately the negative news got her down.

“I wish we had a newspaper with positive news, Thandi. I’m really sick and tired of all the doom and gloom,” she said to her friend at coffee break one morning.

Thandi looked at her and smiled. “Yes, always the same stuff. Maybe the newspaper business is not for you anymore, Ayanda. You know thy thrive on bad news.”

Ayanda poured herself another coffee and sighed. “I need freedom to write what I want, Thandi. There are many good stories out there, stories that inspire but never get noticed. I wish I could write those stories.” She swallowed a sip of coffee. “I want to be free to write the stories I want to write.”

The passion she once had for her job was fading and Ayanda was feeling a loss of self esteem. It was not a pleasure to go to work anymore.

One day as she was looking through social media she saw a message she had not seen before. It was put up by ‘newmindwoman.com.’ She went and had a look. The blog on the website gave her a strange buzz and made her feel so excited she couldn’t help mentioning it to Thandi the next morning when she arrived at the office.

“I want to show you something I found on Linkedin, Thandi,” she said the next morning when she saw Thandi in the elevator.

“Only if it is ‘good’ news,” Thandi teased with a smile.

“Oh yes, it is,” Ayanda said, “Just reading it made me feel much better.”

“Then it must be good.”

In the office Ayanda showed Thandi the website of ‘newmindwoman.com’ and Thandi started reading a blog straight away. After a while she said, “It’s fantastic, but is it possible for a woman like me en you to be like that?”

“I believe it is and you know what, I’m going to find out more and book my place for the next retreat.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, I need to do something to get back my passion.”

Let’s do it together,” Thandi said excited, “We need a break.”

“You want to come as well?” Ayanda said.

“Yes, I’m retiring soon and I sometimes feel an emptiness inside of me. I do not know what it is. Almost like a loneliness, but why would I feel like that? I have my family around me every day. I shouldn’t feel like that. How would I feel in two months time when I’m retired? Even worse I suppose. Maybe this will inspire me for my retirement.”

Two months later after they had gone on a newmindwoman retreat, Ayanda and Thandi met at a restaurant in Randburg. Thandi was retired by now.

“This retreat showed me who I really am, Thandi,” Ayanda said with a sparkle in her eyes, “I realized now why I lost my self esteem and became depressed. And you know what, I’ve decided to make a turn around.”

Thandi looked up from the menu. “Turn around?”

“Yes, I made up my mind. I want to write stories which I’m passionate about. I want to write stories that comes from my heart and are inspiring, stories that stimulate my creative power.”

“Err. . . not for the newspaper,” Thandi said.

“No. . . I don’t think the newspaper would be interested in my stories,” Ayanda said, “I’ve decided to write novels and positive stories for magazines. I’m going on a writing course soon. And I have also decided to go on early retirement. You know, Thandi, the retreat showed me another world. I can’t describe it. I feel so excited. I realized I needed to follow my true passion.”

“I agree. I now know why I had the feeling of loneliness and unfulfilled.”

“Oh, tell me about it,” Ayanda said.

“I always loved sewing and designing clothes. Because I could never see it as a business I never pursued it. I had to take on a job that gave me a good income. Unfortunately my passion stayed on the back burner.”

“I never knew you had a talent for sewing and design, Thandi. Good thing, I need a few new outfits,” Ayanda said.

Thandi laughed. “You can be my model. I have already started with designs I want to develop.”

“That’s wonderful! And then we can have more coffee breaks and brainstorm new ideas for clothing and stories,” Ayanda laughed feeling excited and fulfilled about the new direction for herself.

About the author

Marianna Brandt-Whitenburgh

Marianna Brandt-Whitenburgh is dedicated to awaken your Mystery Feminine Power. She has been personally entrusted with the Ancient Desert Secrets of the !Kung Bushman Women living in the oldest desert on the planet, the Namib.
She was captivated by the mystique of the Bushman Women and their inspiration for choosing her personally to wake up the power inside the Western Women’s psyche which has slept for hundreds of years.
Marianna immediately opened the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment and created its supporting website, www.newmindwoman.com to share with you the opportunities for realizing your significant and exceptional power that is truly beyond belief. She aims at women aged 48 plus and holds retreats in the tropics of Namibia. Its beauty matches the uniqueness of your power.
Marianna is a successful children’s book author with more than 500 publications to her name and a teen book novelist with her latest offering by way of a trilogy entitled, Emma.

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