New Mind Woman when you Align and Shine you will find deep inside you a devoted love, a light that sparkles and a laughter that expresses magic.

The !Kung Bushmen Women in the oldest Desert on the planet called the Namib appealed to us the moment we came in contact with them. It was a mystique at first, we did not know what this fascination was and only after a while with them did we begin to understand their enchantment and magic.

They radiated what we can only describe as gifts of Love, Light and Laughter. 

These gifts you have too and as you keep reading here you will get the recipe and know-how in Aligning and Shining.

There is something deeper though to these gifts, something that makes them and you more, compelling, irresistible, dazzling and charismatic. 

The Bushmen Women have nothing more in their make-up than you have. What they do have though is something that is awake in them. This something fell asleep in you hundreds of years ago and is now waiting to be woken up and restored. 

This is a power like no other. 

The !Kung Bushmen Women call it !Nom. It is a Mystery Feminine Power and once awakened it will it will give to you these foundation gifts of Love, Light, and Laughter and will also stimulate the deeper gifts within you.

It is time to take the reigns by Aligning and Shining. In other words ‘get your ducks in a row’.

New Mind Woman !Nom needs to be awakened through ‘experiences’  and I have been entrusted by the !Kung Bushmen Women to freely awaken !Nom in all women so the deeper benefits of your gifts are stimulated , awakened and restored in you.

Your !Nom is the alignment of Love. It makes you compelling, irresistible and striking. It is your yearning passion and devotion in all you do.

The stimulated Ancient and Sacred Heart is your light. We see it through your eyes. It is your personal radiance, ecstasy and seventh heaven. It is your sparkle dazzle and glow.

The Mystery Feminine Power is in the Laughter of being fascinating and certainly alluring. It is the magic, charisma and appeal you communicate to all.

When you align, the Ancient Desert Secrets state you will spontaneously heal yourself and shine.

Imagine you’re in jigsaw puzzle and you require one more piece to complete the picture. One piece you’re holding in your hand, but you would sooner reject 999 pieces rather than put that one piece in to complete the picture. That one piece is the same as awakening your Mystery Feminine Power of !Nom.

New Mind Woman your Align and Shine is already starting to happen. You need to decide if your compelling !Nom is irresistible and striking for you to accept the process and even speeding up your Love, Light and Laughter.

The radiance, ecstasy and seventh heaven of your Ancient and Sacred Heart asks stimulation and the romance, fascination and allure of your Feminine Mystery Power is your gift of discovery.

You are your creation. Align and Shine Your Love And Laughter Is Appealing And Magic. It is waking up to who and what you are. These are your true gifts.

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©Michael Whitenburgh 2019
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*(! before is a word is click with the tongue in Bushmen Language – like a tut)

About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh

Michael Whitenburgh is a volunteer with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. It is under this umbrella falls. 
The !Kung Bushmen Women said Michael will be a server and healer of Women’s Minds under the Law of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is also to awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power is called !Nom. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that will make you the Hero of future women who have reached the 50 plus. Michael loves and adores the meaning of his life’s gift and his purpose of freely giving it away.

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