Nora lived in Gonubie, a suburb of East London in South Africa. Four months ago she moved into a new apartment. She was retired at the age of fifty from a career as medical scientist and was still finding not getting up early every morning quite unreal.

On her way visiting her mother at the old age home, she popped into a coffee shop. Little did she know her life was about to change talking to somebody who recognized in her something she had only recently discovered herself. After she had put in her order for coffee and a toasted sandwich she checked messages on the cellphone.

Her attention was broken when a woman walked past her table and a leaflet fell out of the magazine she had in her hand. It landed on the floor at Nora’s feet. She bent down and picked it up.

Nora looked at the leaflet. “That looks interesting. New Mind Woman?” she said and handed the leaflet to the woman.

The woman smiled. “Thank you. It is,” she said, “I have been on one of their retreats.”

“Please sit and tell me more.”

“Thank you,” the woman said. She looked radiant and Nora noticed a sparkle in her eyes. She was dressed in a beautiful floral shirt-like top and white pants. Her short bob-style hair a golden brown and her face tells a story of joy.

“I’m Anna,” the woman said and pulled out a chair..

“Hi Anna, I’m Nora,” Nora said, “Would you like to order a drink?”

“Yes,” Anna said and looked around to catch the waiter’s attention. She ordered coffee and then she looked at Nora, “Are you new in Gonubie?”

“Yes, I moved from the city only four months ago,” Nora said.

“I live here for more than twenty years,” Anna said and smiled, “I love it here.” Then she looked at the leaflet on the table in front of her, “Let me tell you why I decided to go on this New Mind Woman retreat. You know, I really had a good life, wonderful husband and fantastic career. I needed nothing more. For al my working years I was totally satisfied. Until the day I retired. Suddenly there was an emptiness. I can’t describe it to you it was like something deep inside of me was missing. I didn’t know how to fill it, it was like a gap.”

Nora looked at her with a frown. “Strangely, I feel the same, Anna. Sometimes I think I have retired too soon. That I could have carried on for another ten years. But that would have only filled the hours in the day, not satisfy that feeling you are talking about.”

‘You’re right,” Anna said and smiled. “I did everything to satisfy this yearning inside me. You name it. I even took up pottery. After awhile I got so bored with it. I realized it wasn’t for me.”

Nora smiled. She was thinking of taking painting lessons.

“Not so long ago I saw an advert of New Mind Woman retreats on the internet. My idea of a retreat was you go away to a wonderful place in the mountains for a few days relax and get pampered. I told my husband I’m going. I needed to unwind. He was still very occupied in his law firm and didn’t mind me going away.”

While Anna was telling her about the retreat Nora’s mind flashed over her own life. She was the only child and has never been married. She looked after her mother since her father died fifteen years ago. She felt guilty having to put her Mother in an old age home where she could get better care.

The waiter placed the order on the table. Anna poured coffee for them both.

“So I went on the retreat and you know what, it was the best thing I could have done for myself, Nora,” Anna said and took a sip of coffee. “The organizers of the retreat were shown by the Bushman women how to restore and return a power that was asleep in me. They used experiences from the Ancient Desert Secrets and they certainly breathed new life into me.”

“That sounds incredible. What can you do with this power?”

“Oh Nora, you will not believe what your power can do,” Anna said, “This is a wordless power. You will radiate what you want and attract what you desire.”

“That is almost unbelievable, Anna.”

“Well, I can tell you it works. The world is your oyster. But, you cannot do it on your own. You need to go to a retreat, Nora.”

“I would love to go,” Nora said excited. “I think it is just what I need. I need a new mind. I need to find myself too.”

Anna smiled. “Right, I’m glad you have decided. You will not be sorry. Take this leaflet and contact the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment and book your place on a New Mind Woman retreat.”

“Oh, thank you, Anna. I definitely will,” Nora said.

“And Nora, here is my cellphone number, please contact me when you return. I would love to have a coffee with you.”

Nora smiled. “That’s a promise.”

Read the blog ‘mind the gap’.

About the Author

Marianna Brandt-Whitenburgh

Marianna Brandt-Whitenburgh is dedicated to awaken your Mystery Feminine Power. She has been personally entrusted with the Ancient Desert Secrets of the !Kung Bushman Women living in the oldest desert on the planet, the Namib.
Marianna immediately opened the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment and created its supporting website, to share with you the opportunities for realizing your significant and exceptional power that is truly beyond belief. She aims at women aged 48 plus and holds retreats in the tropics of Namibia. Its beauty matches the uniqueness of your power.
She was captivated by the mystique of the Bushman Women and their inspiration for choosing her personally to wake up the power inside the Western Women’s psyche which has slept for hundreds of years.
Marianna is a successful children’s book author with more than 500 publications to her name and a teen book novelist with her latest offering by way of a trilogy entitled, Emma.

One Comment on “Ancient Desert Secrets Breathed Love for Life in Me

  1. Good Day Marianna. I came across your blog and I am curious.I am based in the Namib Desert and was wondering how often you hold your retreats out here in Namibia?

    Please could you send me more information.

    Kind regards


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