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Jane loved her job as florist in Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs Smith the owner was a lovely lady. Jane was happily married with three children who all had flown the nest.

Lunch breaks Jane always met up with her friend Alana at a local cafe.

On one particular day Jane had an outburst.

“I think I should give up the florist trade and do something else. I need a change but can’t explain it. I feel so unfulfilled.”

“But you love the flower shop,” Alana frowned, “So, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. Maybe take up painting. As a child I loved drawing.”

“If that is what you want to do, then go for it Jane.”

Jane left her job after twenty four years and started drawing and painting classes at the local art college. It went really well. But unfortunately for Jane, it didn’t fill a gap inside her. She still felt unfulfilled and wondered if she did the right thing, leaving her job. She was missing the people she worked with, the smell of freshly cut flowers and the customers.

Jane’s husband Ben, came home one afternoon announcing a move to Columbus. Jane was excited. A new city, a new life. Maybe this is it, Jane thought.

They moved but after she had settled down Jane got to know her way around the city. The feelings of emptiness returned.

Jane became friendly with her neighbor Stella. Stella owned a children’s play park. She radiated passion an excitement for her job and couldn’t stop talking about what she still wanted to do for the children.

“You know Jane, I’m actually a children’s doctor. I love children and that’s why I trained to be a pediatrician. I enjoyed my work as a doctor but missed the joy and happy smiles of healthy children. In my late forties I started to feel a strange lack of something. It was an unfulfilled feeling burning inside me. I tried to fill it with all sorts of things. I went back to university to do another degree and to be honest Jane, it didn’t help. I went abroad many times to satisfy this inner yearnings but they returned as soon as I did. One day a friend invited me to a retreat. They said it was adventurous, exciting and challenging. I went along and the experiences changed my mind and my life.

Jane was fascinated.

“I came back from the retreat with joy in my heart and I knew exactly what my purpose was in life, and here I am today, Jane. I adore what I’m doing and I love the little ones, seeing them develop love for each other and listening to the laughter.”

“I can see your eyes light up when you talk about the meaning in your life. It’s just what I need to find in me.”

“Jane, you only have two times in your life when the door is open to find yourself, one when you become a woman and one when you change to become wisdom.”

“But, is there any medication to fill the gap inside me?”

“No Jane, it’s all in the mind and it’s all about empowering yourself through experiences that have proved themselves over thousands of years. I know they work.”

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