New Mind Woman once you realize You Never Fail you will immediately feel the benefits of what it is that makes you so perfect.

It is your power that make’s thing happen and appear. Everything that occurs, everything you see is all a manifestation of your influence and approval.

Look around, you are the only person who sees what you see and from the angle you see it. You radiate a vision and in radiating others on your wavelength will also see that vision but from a different angle. Yes, you make what you see and share that visualization with those on your wavelength. 

Does it sound incredible even make believe? Your New Mind Woman journey to understanding yourself shows you how your ‘reality’ is created. 

If things are not to your liking now you can transform your reality to something that you do like.

You are the creator and inspiration. When you realize your power you become more awake as you then continue igniting and sowing the seeds of who you are. 

To do this you create the vibration from what the !Kung Bushmen Women tell us is from your Ancient and Sacred Heart in the centre of your chest.

You radiated from this Heart your desires and yearnings. It will send out the ‘essence’ of your wants and that is what comes back a thousand fold. 

Up to now you have always thought ‘things just happen this way’, but now if you accept your own completeness, wholeness and perfection by saying ‘yes’ to your unity with all things you can start making things happen and ‘You Never Fail’.

If you are looking to transform your reality you must alter your current vibration to a higher vibration. Fantasy is a great way of creating higher vibrations. 

Imagine yourself as dazzling, breathtaking and exciting because as you read here and open your mind that is what you are becoming on a higher vibration. 

You cannot fantasize ordinary things and you cannot ask someone else to do it for you. It’s your vibration so you manifest the circumstances or situations according to the way you visualize them. You are unique, the one and only, outstanding and extraordinary and it is these gifts you use in your visualization.

The !Kung Bushman Women of the Kalahari Desert tell us your Heart and vibrations ’Are your spirit, nature and centre of yourself’. We call them the nitty-gritty of what’s happening on the inside that is projected on the outside. It is that dazzle and matchless you shining through.

You must first bring the Heart into alignment with the higher vibrational ‘essence’ of yourself and what you desire. 

Remember you cannot fantasize mediocrity. In other words get excited about your idea, desire or yearning. You are creating a different frequency that is higher than what you have right now, a new balance and vibrational alignments that opens the Ancient and Sacred Heart. This is your universal transmitter of the higher frequencies and it is different from the human heart. 

The Ancient and Sacred Heart is in the centre of your chest, where you tap when overwhelmed with love, yes, it is beyond belief but see how you respond when what you deliberately ask for comes about.

Once the Ancient Sacred Heart is consciously radiating you’re participating and creating your part in the purpose and meaning of who you uniquely are and with the Universe. 

You are giving yourself the greatest gifts. You were born to use these tools and gifts so make the most of yourself and your part of the ‘You Never Fail’ people.

We are alive to you as you bring into being your inspiration that takes all things and people forward.

You are more than worthy of your creations and we are so worthy and honoured for having you.

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©Michael Whitenburgh2019
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*(! before is a word is click with the tongue in Bushmen Language – like a tut)

About the Author

You Never Fail

Michael Whitenburgh is a volunteer with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. It is under this umbrella falls. 
The !Kung Bushmen Women asked Michael to be a server and healer of Women’s Minds under the Law of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is also to awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power they call !Nom. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that offers and makes possible a better and bright future for women who have entered the second phase of their life. 
Michael loves and adores the purpose and meaning he has found in his life. 

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