New Mind Woman you are our influence for the future. Let us remind you of the steps to take to release the best of you and become the best version of yourself.

We see this revised you as significant, amazing and an out of the ordinary hero who leads us all to transformation by example.

You are the hero of your Mystery Feminine Power, which has slept inside you for hundreds of years. It’s a power called !Nom and now it is time for it to wake-up and show us all the Light. 

We found this power in the Ancient Desert Secrets in the Namib Desert, Namibia and know they are your keys to the future you yearn. They are not written on ancient scrolls or tablets of stone but are embraced in every grain of sand of the world’s oldest and biggest Desert.

They are absorbed in 60,000 year plus of the Bushmen cave drawings and art and etched deep in the Ancient and Sacred Hearts of the !Kung Bushmen Women.

This new future you reveal by increasing and altering the influence of the vibrations you send out. What you get back is a different reality. It is new, compelling and beyond belief. It will be the way to fulfill your inner yearnings of your creative desires itching to burst out but some how you just can’t put your finger on the method to use to release them. Here it is!

Stop examining problems. It is now time to move into this vibration of being passionate and excited, radiant, breathtaking, with that spring in your step and bounce in your heel, because at base it is you. Accept yourself as this hero with these qualities and you have started the transformation. Please start now.

This is all contained in you. Now it’s time for you to see and accept yourself without question. The version that is perfect, complete and whole.

Accept this simple step and show us all you are the answer by being that better version of yourself.  We all wait for you to lead the way and say ‘What Went Right’.

Offer your unique answer that’s a high vibration ‘feel good’ from your Ancient and Sacred Heart and experience the love, light and laughter of those Ancient Desert Secrets. 

The answer to transformation is not in the same vibration that makes your present situation or position seem real, the higher vibration the more passionate and exciting you feel, this is your way to the answer and a better outcome. 

It’s a compelling energy that influences through its own Desert mystique. The higher vibrational feelings the more complete and whole you become with your purpose. You are already heading towards that greater version of yourself and a compelling new future by reading this far.

You get a direct response to what you send out, make sure it feels good, by focusing on the answer then you will realize how significant and out of the ordinary your power is. 

There is nothing complicated about transforming your reality. It just takes a better feeling to ‘up’ your vibration. 

Start with What Went Right and convince yourself of your power. Know your power is imminent because you and the world are in a Feminine revolution and that’s brilliant.

You are worthy of your creations so wake up !Nom and manifest your hearts desires. Be extraordinary and outstanding.

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©Michael Whitenburgh2019
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*(! before is a word is click with the tongue in Bushmen Language – like a tut)

About the Author

What Went Right

Michael Whitenburgh is a volunteer with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. It is under this umbrella falls. 
The !Kung Bushmen Women asked Michael to be a server and healer of Women’s Minds under the Law of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is also to awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds of years. This power they call !Nom. It is a Feminine Mystery Power that offers and makes possible a better and bright future for women who have entered the second phase of their life. 
Michael loves and adores the purpose and meaning he has found in his life. 

You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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