New Mind Woman when you see yourself in a different light your viewpoint, approach and appearance will transform into an illuminated and knowing you.

You will perk–up, boost and enhance your own reality and that of those around you. In other words instead of reacting to control you become light hearted, untroubled and upbeat. This is showing us all you are the light.

You instinctively know if conditions or people are in control you will never be able to control those conditions. But if you transform your mind the conditions that control transform. You are radiating and attracting exactly what you get. It’s all about transforming and lighting your light inside.

Transformation means ‘letting go’ of the old ways of being and renewing your mind so it radiates a different reality. Then it not only transforms the conditions around you but you are the influence for creating a new reality and outcomes in all you do and this too alters conditions. It’s a win-win. 

You renew the mind with the Light of what is called !Nom. 

This !Nom is a Feminine Mystery Power that has been given to us by the !Kung Bushmen Women of the Namibian Desert. They want us to share it with Western Women so they too can wake-up and fulfill themselves. They say ‘!Nom fell asleep in the Western Woman’s minds and has slept for hundreds of years’.

Turning your life upside down and stepping out of the old and into the new is another way of saying being in the light and revealing your power inside. 

Uncover and let the light of your power manifest by aligning yourself with your Feminine Mystery Power and waking up. It’s then not a mystery any longer. 

We call waking up this power Mind Empowerment.

!Nom power once awakened will breath new light into you by stimulating your revival so you can modify and reshape your own reality or what’s happening in and about your life.

It also perks you up, stimulates and inspires you to greater things beyond the everyday and ordinary.

It will also jazz you up to such a peak and that too will transform conditions because you ‘up your game’ and raise the vibrations to become the positive light.

So, the moment you try to alter conditions is the moment you forgot how Mind Empowerment works, your light will go out and !Nom falls asleep again – you become everyday and ordinary.

Take the carefree, cheery and untroubled way and breeze through conditions like a hot knife through butter. Think – ‘I’m the Light’ and be it.

Simply illuminate your brilliance, glow and dazzle for us all. Don’t fall asleep but wake us all up with your guiding light.

Once awakened give !Nom Power away to increase it in yourself so that your light becomes blinding. You will also begin radiating at a permanent higher frequency the vibration, while this is your mystique is has masterful ways of giving back to you the brilliance of what you now ask. 

Then all you desire gives you the power to transform the world around you at will. 

Remember!! You cannot change conditions or other people. You can transform the vibration and manifest a different reality. It is solely up to you how you want your world to be. 

Transform and in return you will attract more appealing conditions, ones that suit and feel right to you. You are the Light.

How do you feel after reading this? If it makes you feel good then you are attracting the light and starting to transform. Think ‘I’m the Light’.

You are worthy of your creations because you are transforming the world for us all.

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©Michael Whitenburgh 2019
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*(! before is a word is click with the tongue in Bushmen Language – like a tut)

About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh

Michael Whitenburgh is a volunteer with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. It is under this umbrella New Mind Woman falls. The !Kung Bushmen Women have asked Michael to be a server and healer of Women’s Minds under the Law of the Ancient Desert Secrets. He is also to awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds if not thousands of years. This power they call !Nom. It is a Feminine Mystery Power he has unveiled and gives freely. Michael loves and adores the purpose and meaning he has found in his life.

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