New Mind Woman there is a unique force in you that sleeps and needs awakening. It is a Feminine Mystery Power and once awake you can set and get what you desire with certainty. It is compelling you to wake it up so your insightful and illuminating self becomes a real eye-opener..

The Bushmen Women downloaded their own unique power and they call it !Nom. This has been taking place for over 60,000 years. You too can influence and use it to, because they don’t have anything you don’t have. ((The ‘!’ before a word in Bushmen language is a click of the tongue like a tut)

The !Kung Women of the Kalahari Desert celebrate success the evening before the men go out on the hunt for food. There is joy around the fire and this joy creates a vibration of success and that’s what they get – every time.

They are complying with !Nom law of the Kalahari which simply says –

‘Believing is seeing’.  

Believing is Seeing

The Bushmen Women say they share their !Nom power which increases its vibrations and it brings joy and excitement before their manifestation. Has it ever failed? No. Failure is impossible and they never think about it. Failure is only a human heart concept that compares itself with others. Where !Nom is, there cannot be a comparison, to increase it in yourself you must give it away.

You cannot accumulate !Nom for yourself you can only increase by sharing. This increase radiates the ‘essence’ of your desire and that’s what you get.

New Mind Woman you are significant in what you manifest. You will get the ‘out of the ordinary’ results by following the Kalahari Law that have been used before today’s cultures and beliefs were ever born.

If you have a desire try getting excited before it manifests and see how easy it is fulfilled, remember you set and get what you want by the Law which states ‘Believing is Seeing’.

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New Mind Woman

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About the Author

Michael Whitenburgh is a volunteer with The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. It is under this umbrella New Mind Woman falls. He has personally been entrusted by the !Kung Bushmen Women to be a server and healer of Women’s Minds in accordance with the Law of the Ancient Desert Secrets. Michael is also to awaken the power inside Western Women’s psyche that has slept for hundreds if not thousands of years by freely giving !Nom and loves his purpose and meaning.

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