New Mind Woman – New World Within

Women’s Midlife Mysterious Adventure -Fulfillment and Rebellion

blue-68-cutYou can not fantasise the mundane.

Experience a New World Within by unveiling your Feminine Mystery Power.

Release the rebel in you. Don’t compromise your youthful ideals.

Discover Yourself…..

We are going from Cape Town to the exotic capital of Namibia – Windhoek for three months from 9th May 2018. Namibia is in the tropics so we aren’t complaining about our destination for the winter.

While away we are continuing to research the Bushmen Women and their Mystery Feminine Power. They are sharing with us and revealing their secrets and experiences that will awaken these gifts of all women in the Western World.


We will be guided once again by our unofficially adopted brother !Hiko who is our Bushman, adviser.

In answer to lots of your questions about funding of our trip can we say we have always and will continue to fund our research ourselves. We do not use any outside funding at all.


While in the tropics we are also searching for a suitable property to set up the exotic Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment.

The Centre will be ideally situated between the dunes and sea, on a stretch of the mystical road from  Swakopmund to Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Logo Master 2016It is with our Wenthoek project we need your help to find a suitable Centre.

It is at our Centre we will openly share the unveiling of this Mystery Feminine Power through adventures and experiences.

Your life will be transformed forever.

You Cannot Fantasise the Mundane

We are the only people to be entrusted with these ‘adventures’ and ‘experiences’ to awaken your !Nom power that has slept for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Our vision will fulfill your yearnings of the empty nest, crushed ideals, unfulfilled creative desires and the void of midlife.

We will not even compromise on your youthful ideals, doubts and regrets.

New Mind Woman – New World Within you are so significant and out of this world. Your radiance lights our hearts as you captivate, enchant and fascinate us. Yes, it sound beyond belief but you are about to discover how sharing this magical and mystical compelling power called !Nom will reveal who you really are – the one with endless possibilities and illuminating mastery of your life.

Want to know more….  Contact me.


You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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