Perfect Wave 6

New Mind Woman – New World Within allow us to remind you that you are ‘Perfect’, second-to-none and without opposites. This beauty of your light flows to all of us and is exceptional, extraordinary and out-of-this-world.

At your deepest level you are complete. You have already fulfilled yourself and unity is your joy. The unity here is the different voices that now work together for your perfection.

The ‘experiences’ you met at the centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment continue to work for you. They make you a New Mind Woman with a New World Within and this gets stronger by the day. Why not come and see us again in Namibia (Swakopmund) which is the global Centre of Excellence. Namibia is known for the origin of our spiritual roots.

It is here you will you’ll live the results which is your New Mind Woman with your New World Within.

Perfect Wave 2

Allow us at the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment to be the ‘open-door’ to your feminine power. The ‘open door’ knows we have been there before.

By us at the Centre ‘experiences’ will remind you of whom you are. No books, lectures, theory, or education, simply ‘hands-on experiences’ which will awaken your Ancient and Sacred Heart, transform your world within, heal and tune your whole being.

Perfect Wave 3 a

In other words the ‘experiences’ take you to a reality that is the true you.

It’s that deep essence of beauty, understanding, light and unity that makes you unique. The one-off person you are.

Nobody has ever existed or will ever exist that has your completeness and certainty.

Oh! New Mind Woman, New World Within come visit yourself at the Centre so we can honour your light, empowered wisdom and perfection.

They all lead you to the right ‘experiences’ once awakened and you’ll manifest your New World Within, every time.

Scientists today talk of the ‘wave’ and ‘particle’ in quantum physics. For your purpose we also talk about the wave as your ‘light of perfection’.

It connects to all energy vibrations. It is especially of the universe and beyond into the Cosmos.

Perfect Wave

The wave to you, New Mind Woman is a power without opposites because you have united the voices inside.

The wave must use your empowered vision before any manifestation can happen and the manifestation that will take place forms the New World Within.

Why! Because it is your ‘Perfect Wave’. It ripples, tingles and comes from the inside-out in never ending circles of light.

Feel now the flow. You are here to awaken, transform, heal and allow your whole ‘Being’ to get a fine-tuning – that’s the ‘Perfect Wave’ that has already started within you.

How easy was that? How simple was it to start the recognition of the beauty of a New World Within? Your completion has started, your magnificence begun. Your splendour, attractiveness and exquisiteness shines for us all to follow your ‘Perfect Wave’, thank you.


Carnation BIG
Hats Reduced size 2013

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