can 21 EDITEDNew mind Woman – New World Within Wow – your inner empowerment is certainty, fulfilled in yourself those of us who come in contact with you will also feel completed because of your inner certainty.

We stand in honour at your unique gifts, your oneness within, a completeness and wholeness that is seen by us all.

Unity in the harmony of voices inside your head and image that reflects all you are – yes! Coming to know and understand what and who you are.

You have found these gifts within through the ‘experiences’ of mind empowerment.

It is a privilege to provide these ‘hands-on’ experiences for you to complete yourself and become the inner and vision empowerment that creates certainty which also projects fulness on the outside.

To prove this certainty to you feel your completeness on the inside. Feel it right now.3 can

What satisfaction does it create? How does it make you feel? Maybe feelings of confidence within. Maybe wholeness those words cannot explain. You simply ‘know’.

The idea is not for confidence being projected outward but reversing the emotion of creativity inwards.

How certain are you, how complete within do you feel or experience. That is your inner empowerment when you feel a sensation, feeling, emotion, deep within yourself one that says “I’m certain of the power of empowerment within me”. It’s not the strength type of power but a certainty of ‘I Will’ power. The leader of the group – yes the group of voices on the inside, voices from your past.

I am EmpoweredYou don’t need to think of radiating this on the outside because your inner empowerment will do it automatically for you.

You only need to observe how people around begin to respond to your New Mind and New World Within. They will also see you as the leader because your project on the outside what’s happening on the inside.

Knowing or certainty, New World Within starts working without your help. The ego seems to disappear as an entirely new image is born and created. An image that is part of the self, an image that says you are full of inner empowerment and radiates it to the outer world. Remember the ‘I Will’.

Oh! New Mind Woman – New World Within start now.

Start creating your completeness and beauty within and show us all our true beauty, Discover the beginning and you’ll know what the end is.

©shrinkuk 2017

                                                    Marianna and Michael xxx


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