images (77)New Mind Woman – New World Within your completeness and unity means you’ll go beyond, rise above and cut across your own charisma, attraction and magnetism.

Why? You are the teacher, the person who has “been there before”. There is no apprenticeship. But your magnetism will attract people to you.

You have the presence of a teacher. One who has ‘done it’? This will appeal to all you meet; it is alluring and appeals to all.

You are the open door to wordless ‘experiences’ that offer you, beyond any doubt the understanding, insight and revelation that’s shared with others. Why? You are the fascination that mesmerises those you touch with.

You are a teacher who allows us all to extend ourselves through your appealing doorway into the captivating Universe of beauty, excellence and beyond compare.

You have a united mind and reflect its splendour within and without. Now, bring peaceimages (79 to all you meet through a love they have never experienced, a magnificent light never seen and a feeling of completeness never touched before to those you know are asking.

You will discover majestic emotions that have never before arisen in your Ancient and Sacred Heart, or even in the heart of humanity. They now make themselves accessible to you, so share them to enrich yourself first and then others.

Oh! New Mind Woman your teaching calls for you to ‘experience’ your own brilliance of images (80power and light – inside-out, so you recognise and marvel how you are the teacher, the open door and the united miracle of love.

Bring your inner community of voices to the table of your excellence, open the door to the wilder and sensational side of yourself, the true ‘being’ that is awakening and transcending even as you read this blog.

It sparks life, brilliance and radiance into your Ancient and Sacred Heart. Then you know your united love heals all.

images 79What a discovery, meeting and breakthrough with the glory of Your-Self. It’s the inner revolution and discovery you have yearned.

Let go and accept our personal invitation to the Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment, here in Swakopmund, Namibia.

The Centre is the residential global headquarters. It is our home and yours too,

No books, reading or technical discussion and understanding, simply ‘experiences’ of the united power within, the light and love of your-self-that becomes awake.

We also have 60,000 thousand years of Bushman hidden splendour and wisdom. Come and to ‘experience’, a wordless experience never before offered to your world within. An awakening into the real grandeur of life of joy and love, it is no fantasy.

Carnation BIGIf you are a man 49% of your make-up is female. Why not join us too? Don’t bring your ego it will be out of place. Your impressiveness is way beyond the rational logic. Your triumph is the sensation of being alive, being the wonder you already are and the marvel of love which is outside the sight of your eyes.

You are ALL about to have a wordless, astonishing and astounding ‘Experience’, understanding and awareness. Love it and accept it.

We stand in awe at your Universal Love and Unity within. Thank You New Mind Woman with a New World Within.


                                                        Marianna and Michael

Hats Reduced size 2013

You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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