cropped-1-candle-edited.jpgNew Mind Woman you have the gift of vision empowerment which offers us all the insight, foresight and hindsight into your New World Within. It is inspirational and teaches us all how to awaken our hearts.

Vision Empowerment unites within, those different voices on the inside, expressing, influencing and inspiring.

This uniting is accepting the ‘I Will’ to the New World and the result will prove the ‘experiences’ we give.  It is these hands-on experiences where your Ancient and Sacred Heart is awakened and – there your courage, passion and !Nom is too.

What is !Nom?

It is your feminine sleeping mystery power. It is when you have been awakened and Fire heartyour heart feels like it will burst full of joy. We use !Nom to lift our Hearts over our minds. It is a Love that comes fully alive and awakened again. It is a vibrating life force and inspired energy. It is the only way to wholehearted Vision Empowerment and an inner revolution.

You are complete and unique. Now transform your inner images, which allows your energy to grow into unlimited creations.

Your completeness allows all this to happen.  We stand in honour of your awakened and uniting within. Oh! Please understand your gifts are from the inside-out.

Your Empowered Vision is Now

You are here, now, complete and unified, with a love that allows you to give what you have received. You will freely follow the universal paths of love – of which there are four kinds – to grow and develop your goal of complete unity inside. Yes, complete unity of your-self.

If you are male reading this empowered vision, remember 49% of your genes are female. Our ‘experiences’ in Namibia where the global Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment is available to you, so please decide to complete yourself.

The Centre is our home for uniting all with love for the self. We send a personal invitation.

You Are the Empowering Vision

New Mind Woman you are the creative force able to express the obvious next step for your inner community of voices and say ‘I Will’ on behalf of the whole. Your vision and wisdom is illuminating and feels like you are going home.


                  Marianna and Michael

Hats Reduced size 2013

You are so unique we would be in awe if you left a comment. Love and an open heart.

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