Don’t you just get fed up allowing beliefs to tell you your contribution is insignificant? Did you know you made the mind that’s doing this to you… it’s called ego.

Now stop the chatter inside your head and start looking for reasons to empower your Worthiness. How? Start feeling how much you appeal to you. Do you find yourself attractive because that’s your worth?

In jargon terms worth is called Self Esteem which means that value you place upon yourself.

Each appeal and attraction you find inside yourself is another reason your ancient and sacred heart will use to radiate to the outside what is happening on the inside and you guessed it…… ‘what goes around comes around’ – Yes, you start finding more and more appeal and attraction within yourself.

Each reason you find heals limits you hold about yourself.

Go on start now I dare you, and see the change in the blink of an eye. Write about the new you here….

©Michael Whitenburgh

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