“This is your ‘must have’ force called a Feminine Mystery Power. It is more intense and powerful than the little old woman picking up a car to release her injured child stuck underneath but it is not the body”.

Marianna and Michael have unveiled this Power found in the Ancient Desert Secrets of the !Kung Bushmen Women who live in the oldest Desert in the world called the Namib in Namibia. The Bushmen Women have been using it for over 80,000 years. It sleeps in your psyche as it does in every Western Woman and you need to “Wake-Up Woman”.

Mind Empowerment is the term coined in their on-going research, which started in 2011.

Marianna & Michael are the only people to be entrusted with the experiences of this awakening and they aim them at women aged 48 plus. 

It is your Power, your birth right and needs waking to complete you as a future New Mind Woman. You owe it to your Ancient Heart, childhood and women across the world so it never sleeps again. 

Courses include the voluntary services of Michael Whitenburgh D.Psych.D.H. (Lay) Psychoanalyst (Ret) who will offer you help from his 40 years experience in England.